We are called the Iver Village Residents’ Association, but it’s long so you will probably call us the IVRA

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Sunset in Iver

Our mission

We are here to make Iver Village a better place and solve issues by involving the community. We will not solve your problems for you – the IVRA is you. One person can’t make all the changes by themselves, so the whole idea of the IVRA is that we come together and make a difference - because nobody is going to do it for us. We need to work with other residents’ associations and the councils – we are not in the business of making enemies. We will be determined, we will fight for our rights, but we will also listen and be pragmatic. So sometimes we won’t get 100% of what we want but at least we will not get 0% - we will make sure that our voices are heard and that we count. We will give extra attention to noise and air pollution since they are concerns that many of the residents share and they have a high impact on all of us.


Iver Village Residents' Association

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We will achieve this by:

  • Forming Focus Groups to explore issues and plans that affect the village

  • Representing the views of the Village at various meetings and forums

  • Joining with other campaigning groups to help improve our environment

  • Stimulating positive community focused behaviours and actions from all within the Village Educating and stimulating debate about positive Village Life and support structures for all

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Our Values

  • Inclusiveness – all are welcome and all are represented by IVRA

  • Respect – we will always have respectful and positive conversations

  • Care – We will care for and support each other in our endeavors

  • Win/ Win – We will always aim to create win /win solutions avoiding the negativity of aggressive debate

  • Partnerships – we aim to form positive partnerships with other groups and organizations to be mutually supportive in all our goals

Iver Village Hall

What’s IVRA membership? What’s the Committee? What are subcommittees?

Confused? We’re not surprised! There’s so much jargon and bureaucracy involved in these matters and most of us hate these things. Unfortunately, some of these things are mandatory but we’re working hard to make them clear and fun to understand.

So, the Committee is the big cog that should connect to the bigger cog that’s the Parish Council. The Committee has 8 members and is responsible for understanding what people need, agreeing policies and objectives, and communicating and coordinating the subcommittees and then writing boring legal documents.

The subcommittees do something similar but on a specific matter: Air pollution, transport, stuff like that. The subcommittees feed back to the Committee, that votes on their recommendations and decides what to do with them.

There will also be action groups which are more about doing and less about chatting. Stuff like litter picking, edge trimming, and other stuff that keeps you in shape and saves you from paying gym membership

Councils and organisations we work with and are supported by