In last week’s January newsletter, we once again spoke about the car repair business on the corner of Langley Park Road and Leacroft Road. The IVRA has been working closely with residents, councillors and various council officials to try to ensure that the business is made to operate in a more considerate manner. This residential location requires sensitivity and understanding from the business, which by its nature creates noise and traffic.

The business has been operating as a car paint shop without a licence until now. There is now a retrospective planning application in place, to fit a vent in the roof of the premises and to apply for a change of use to a car paint shop. You can view the application here – Planning Application PL/22/4251/FA

The IVRA is strongly opposed to this application as we do not believe it is in the best interests of the residents, of those properties both in close proximity to the business and those in neighbouring streets. We know that many of you feel the same.

This is where you get to make a difference. The IVRA will be lodging an objection to the application and we urge you to do the same if it’s something you care about. It’s simple to do – just create a Login for the Bucks Planning site if you don’t have one, and then follow the instructions to register your objection.

Here’s the really important bit. The deadline for submitting your objections is Monday 30th January. You can go back and edit your submission after this, but if you want it to be counted you absolutely must get your initial objection in by this deadline.

Today they need your help, tomorrow it could be you.