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Iver Village Hall

The Committee is the managing body of the IVRA – we discuss different issues that are brought to our attention and hear what the subcommittees have to report. If residents want to give us feedback or tell us about something that they think we should know or be involved in, they are welcome to do so – either by contacting us or by coming to the committee meeting and telling us about it at the dedicated time for resident participation.

We also encourage the members to come and just hear what’s going on, what we are planning, and what the Committee members’ thoughts are on the different subjects. We work in complete transparency for the residents, with the residents, and as residents.

Our next Committee meeting is on Tuesday 11th October at 7pm at Iver Village Hall. Come and join us!

  • Start Time
    October 11 - 7:00pm
  • End Time
    October 11 - 9:00pm
  • Organizer
    Iver Village Residents’ Association
  • Location
    Iver Village Hall - High St Iver
    Iver, SL0 9NX United Kingdom
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