It's free to become an IVRA member and if you give a little, you can get a lot!

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Getting involved

The IVRA has a small committee (the managing body of the association) that meets at least once a month to discuss all the important stuff.
We encourage our members and local residents to come along to our meetings or contact us to get involved in special projects.

We are involved in various activities and have ideas that we are putting into action. We now need more residents to contribute a tiny bit of their time and enthusiasm to be able to achieve everything that we want for our community. It is a great time to join us and help put something into the community that will make a difference.

If you want to join us as a member, keep on reading and fill in the membership form. If you prefer to explore this further or just come along to a meeting to find out a bit more, please contact:

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Joining, Voting, and cost of being a member

Every adult living in Iver Village or Shreding Green can become an IVRA member. A member that has an active membership can vote for the Committee, subcommittees, and everything else that the IVRA needs the input of its members on. So what do you need to do to become a member? Not a lot really: just fill in the membership form and you can be a member. Currently there's no membership fee but we ask you to donate any sum between £5 and £50. In the future we may reintroduce the (very small - less than £10) annual membership fee. You read it correctly - it's FREE to become a member!!

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What you get and what you are expected to contribute as member

Have a look at your council tax bill – you are paying the Parish and County Councils huge amounts and you still don’t get all your issues sorted.
Therefore, nobody should expect that putting a few pounds a year into the association will by itself solve all, or any, of our major issues. Our most important resource is the time and skills of our members. We don’t want you to spend all your spare time on the IVRA but if each of us spends an hour a week for the benefit of the community we can all live in a clean, healthy, and pleasant place.

We also want to make sure that the big money that we pay the councils is used wisely and for our benefit. The IVRA will try finding out what the councils are doing with our money and push them to use it the way we want them to. We truly believe that people in the councils are good and want to do their best for the people they serve but many times they don’t know what we want, need, or have to deal with. Sometimes we don’t know it ourselves. We want to make it easier for them by hearing the issues and aspirations of our members, discussing them in the subcommittees, and then push the councils to implement the conclusions we draw.

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The meetings member can (and should) attend

When it comes to regular meetings, you will be invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to any other general meeting – it’s really important that you attend these meeting because that’s when we’ll ask you to vote for thigs that affect you. The AGMs are also when the committee reports what it and the IVRA did in the past year, so it should really be interesting. Other than that – any committee and subcommittee meeting will be open to all members to attend but not to vote or participate unless we’ll tell you that there’s a Q&A session.

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