On 8th May (12 to 4pm) we are having our coronation event and you are welcome to have a great day out at Iver Village Recreation Ground. This is a joint event organised by Richings Park, Iver Village, and Iver Heath Residents’ Associations and Pinewood Studios will be supplying shuttle buses to take you to and from the event.

In short: it’s worth filling in the booking form because it means that you’ll have to walk less (no, we’re not taking you straight from your home, don’t be silly! ).

In long: To make sure we know where to position the pick-up and drop-off points, we need to know where people are planning to come from (if there’s no demand at all, we’ll tell Pinewood not to bother with supplying shuttle buses). You don’t commit to anything and people without tickets will still be able to use the shuttle buses, but if you book your ticket now, there are more chances that we’ll add a stop nearer to where you live.

If you live within a walking distance from the rec and you’re able to walk there, please do so. If you live outside the Ivers, sorry – our shuttle buses are too little to go out of the area on their own. If you have mobility issues, please let us know in the comments and we’ll see how we can assist. 

This is the famous form: